In today's world, electrical safety is more important than ever, so it's essential to check your switchboard for any faults. Keeping your switchboard in proper working order requires maintenance and care, just like any other electrical appliance in your home or business.

At Insight Electrical, we specialize in installing, repairing, replacing, and upgrading switchboards. Using high-quality products, we update switchboards to keep you from being down when you need them most.

Require an Enhancement for Your Switchboard? Our Experts are Ready to Aid You!

At Insight Electrical, we offer switchboard repairs and upgrades. We only replace switchboards if they pose a significant safety risk due to age or wear.

When repairing or installing switchboards, safety must always be a top priority. All safety switches will be active before we mark the job as complete, and everything will work smoothly.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Improve The Safety Of Electrical Systems

An up-to-date electrical switchboard is essential in reducing the risk of fire and electric shock in your home. Protect your property against damage from faulty switchboards by ensuring that your electrical switchboard is up to date. Upgrading your switchboard will also increase safety in your home.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Newcastle | Insight Electrical

Why You Should Upgrade Your Switchboard:

Adapt To Changing Power Demands

The average household relies on electricity to power modern technologies, which consume more energy. To keep electrical systems running efficiently, upgrades are essential.

Fire Prevention

An outdated switchboard can pose a fire hazard. The best way to minimize fire risks is to upgrade it.

Fix Flickering Lights

When your household appliances flicker, it means that your switchboard needs to deliver more power. In this case, you will need to upgrade your switchboard.

Spend Less Money

The only cost you will incur when upgrading your electrical panel will be for repairs or replacements. However, this investment will decrease the risk of fires and electrical problems, potentially saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Get Rid Of Asbestos-containing Panels.

Upgrading switchboards to eliminate asbestos panels is essential to meeting future electrical demands.

Ensure Compliance With Electrical Standards

Home and building owners and governments usually set a minimum set of safety and electrical standards.

Keeping up with modern appliances and technology requires efficient electrical systems.

Every light switch and power switch on your switchboard must have a safety feature that shuts the system off when it becomes overloaded in order to comply with electrical standards. This will protect your property from electrical problems.

Fuses Are Blowing

If a fuse blows and the switchboard can’t control the current, a short may occur. It’s best to replace your switchboard if it’s outdated.

What is the Cost of Upgrading a Switchboard?

Switchboard upgrades can be affected by several factors, including:

  • Size of switchboards 
  • The capacity of the new switchboard
  • Depending on the switchboard upgrade, rewiring may be necessary
  • The cost of labour

A number of other factors can also influence the cost.

Why do you need to upgrade your Electrical Switchboard Upgrade?

You may not only find old switchboards unsightly, but they can also pose a significant safety risk to your home. An old switchboard in your home can seriously threaten your family and home. Your insurance premiums may also increase if you have an outdated switchboard.

A faulty switchboard has the following risks:

  • Concerns About Safety

The wiring and insulation of older switchboards can pose a fire hazard. It is essential to upgrade your old switchboard to keep your family safe.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Newcastle | Insight Electrical
  • No Residual Current Device (RCD)

RCDs can protect against electric shocks by immediately disconnecting the electrical flow. RCDs are devices that sense danger and prevent accidents or injuries by disconnecting the electrical flow. All modern switchboards have a Residual Current Device to protect against any risk or hazard.

  •  Insurance  

As outdated switchboards become increasingly less covered by insurance, it’s important to make sure yours is up to date. A certificate of compliance can help you determine whether your switchboard meets modern standards.

  • Obsolescence

As technology advances, specific devices in the home become outdated and can pose dangers to the family if not replaced. It is, therefore, essential to ensure family safety by upgrading to newer models when available.

An obsolete switchboard can pose many dangers, so it is advisable to replace it before it stops working.

Why Do Our Customers Choose Us To Upgrade Their Switchboards?

Upgrade and maintain your switchboards with Insight Electrical quickly and safely. We provide quality work and reliable service to distinguish ourselves.

Keeping a Safe Environment.

Transparent Pricing

The Troubleshooting Process

Certifications & Qualifications

Keeping Your Mind at Ease

Frequently Asked Questions About Switchboard Upgrade

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Switchboard?

If your switchboard is over 25 years old, you may want to consider replacing it. The installation date can be found on the main switch panel. If you don’t find a date, it may be time to replace your switchboard.

Getting an electric shock with a plug in a power outlet indicates you need to replace your switchboard.

Would You Like To Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Is your switchboard needing an upgrade, and you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor in Newcastle? You've come to the right place.

With a team of skilled electricians and quality solutions, Insight Electrical offers switchboard upgrades throughout Newcastle. A defective switchboard can pose electrical hazards, which our experts can help you resolve. No matter your electrical problem, our team can fix it quickly.

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