Commercial Electrician

Having faulty lights, power points or worse regular power outages are bad enough at your home, but when it occurs at a business, it can create chaos, restricting your businesses daily activities and can result in loss of income. We understand how important your business no matter how small or large is, as we are a family run business ourselves. Insight Electrical is a local company with 14 years’ experience in the Newcastle and Adamstown area servicing a range of businesses and properties big and small. We provide specialist advice, conduct safety inspections, repairs and complete installs for any and all of your electrical needs no matter how specific. Our team is licensed and insured giving you peace of mind that the job will be done once, thoroughly and without a hitch. We offer a range of services from installing air conditioning to rewiring a new property to adding or removing a power point. No matter how big or small the job, our team of electricians will get to you as soon as possible to keep your business running as it should.

Why your property or business needs a commercial electrician.

Here are four essential points which are reason enough to hire and regularly use a commercial electrician for your business or property.

Safety: Most importantly for your employees and clients and second of all for your equipment and hardware. Older switchboards, lighting, and circuits are not up-to-date with circuit breakers, diverters and other safety features that are standard in all new equipment. Also, the safety features I have mentioned are required by law and may be unbeknown to you, your building manager or strata manager. To reduce the probability of short circuits, sparks, fire, and electrocution your property should undergo regular safety inspections and maintenance checks. This includes tagging everything from stoves to phone chargers. Much better to be safe than sorry.

Appliance Longevity: The longer an appliance runs with a fault, the more damage it can be doing to your wiring, the appliance itself or the switchboard and visa versa. Prolonging inspections and maintenance can become costly especially if left too long and you require re-wiring, a new switchboard or you need to replace appliances. With a no-obligation free quote, there is no reason you shouldn’t organise an appointment with us to inspect your property.

Productivity: This can sound far-fetched to some, however as power fuels most businesses may it be appliances, computers, phones, etc. it makes sense that it is possible for the right electrical hardware can make your business run smoother. This can be as simple as placing enough power points, making your business space comfortable buy installing appropriate cooling and heating or ensuring the internet is wired so that it can reach the furthest desk or table. Believe it or not, electrical accessories and hardware can make a difference in how your daily tasks are completed.

Energy Efficiency: Commercial Electricians provide expert advice on appliances such as air conditioners, lighting, heating and the rest. Energy efficiency isn’t limited to the sticker on an appliance with the stars which rate the energy efficiency of an appliance out of 5. Energy efficiency also relates to the use, layout, and capacity of the appliance. The energy performance in a 5-star energy rated air conditioner will be lost if you realise later you need to place another three systems instead of having the advice of which appliance will be able to reach the areas and meet your properties specific needs.

We understand that electricity and power affect how your business operates. Our job is to help your property or business run efficiently and safely without the inconvenience of faulty and out of date electrical hardware.

Our Commercial Electrical Services

We have experience in commercial electrical services in a range of industries from cafes to schools to offices. Our aim is to repair, replace and install lighting, power points, data cables, etc. exactly where you need them to make your business run easier and smoother.

We will assess your business as a whole to ensure your energy requirements may it be providing your switchboard can handle the energy capacity of your business or office or that your internet is accessible in all areas or even your air conditioner reaches the furthest corner if that what you want.

Some of our services include:

  • Electrical wiring (including power points and switchboards)
  • Phone and Data cabling (including ADSL, Cable, and WIFI)
  • Smart lighting and LED upgrades
  • Safety inspections
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Air Conditioning

Insight Electrical also offers a 24-hour Emergency Response Service

We will get to you as soon as possible to investigate and repair your electrical faults. We service the Newcastle and Adamstown area making it quick and easy to get to you so we can get your business or property back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Give us a call on 0431 514 436 to organise your free quote and one our experienced will get back to as soon as possible.