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How Much Does a Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

How Much Does a Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

The smooth operation of residential and commercial facilities relies heavily on the critical role of switchboards. As such, routine household switchboard assessments must follow the applicable regulations set forth by Australian authorities to optimise electricity management.

It is, therefore, highly advisable to prioritise such evaluations to ensure optimal performance and safety.

In light of the increased significance of electrical safety, thoroughly assessing your switchboard for any potential malfunctions is imperative.

Routine maintenance and upkeep of the switchboard, like any other electronic apparatus at home or in the office, is crucial to guarantee optimal performance.

At Insight Electrical, we provide top-notch switchboard installation and enhancement solutions at reasonable rates to safeguard the well-being of those close to you. Contact us should you require assistance securing your residential or commercial premises.

What can Affect my Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

Size Of Your Home:

The magnitude of your dwelling can significantly impact the number of circuits and breakers that are imperative for an enhancement, consequently elevating the total cost of the undertaking.

Type Of Switchboard:

If your switchboard fails to meet current regulatory requirements or falls short of modern industry standards, a replacement may be deemed necessary, potentially resulting in additional costs.

Level Of Complexity:

To adhere to current building codes and regulations, conducting a complete rewiring of your residence may be imperative, including replacing the switchboard. This process may entail a more intricate and cost-intensive course of action.

Labour And Materials:

The pricing for the upgrade shall be on the requisite labour and materials needed for its execution.

Signs that I Need a Switchboard Upgrade

Random flickering lights

Intermittent flickering of light bulbs may arise from a malfunctioning electrical wiring system. However, it is worth noting that an insufficient switchboard may also contribute to this issue. 

Specifically, household device energy consumption may exert undue pressure on the switchboard, causing frequent light flickering. Nonetheless, it is vital to undertake the requisite measures to redress this concern reasonably.

Overcrowded wiring

Identifying and resolving operational challenges may be formidable when a switchboard has an overly congested wiring network. Furthermore, such wiring may generate excessive thermal energy, compromising the switchboard’s well-being and posing a potential safety hazard.

Loose connections and wiring

Subpar connections within your switchboard can result in arcing, overheating, and short circuits. Such inadequate links may originate from the effects of wear and tear vibrations or a non-conforming installation process.

Should any indications of such substandard connections come to light, it would be prudent to take immediate action by arranging replacement measures.

Overheating in the cables

High-temperature discharge from cable wires may signal an overloaded switchboard, potentially leading to catastrophic fire incidents. 

Furthermore, overheating cables could stem from substandard connections or defective wiring, necessitating timely intervention to mitigate risks.

Short Circuits

Contact between live and neutral or ground wires can lead to the occurrence of short circuits, which can generate electrical surges or sparks that have the potential to endanger the safety of individuals and harm household appliances. 

To enhance the security of your home and reduce the risk, explore the option of replacing your switchboard. It will serve as a protective measure and reduce the likelihood of future short circuits.

Why do I Need to Upgrade the Switchboard? | Insight Electrical

How Much will an Upgrade Cost?

The cost related to the enhancement of a switchboard can be subject to variation based on the age of the pre-existing switchboard, the proportions of your dwelling, the extent of the necessary modifications, and the geographical situation of your residence.

An essential aspect of electrical system maintenance is upgrading switchboards, which can vary in capacity and cost. For instance, a standard switchboard upgrade with a total of 160 amps may require an investment of $500, while a more complex switchboard with 250 amps may cost $1800 or more.

The difference in pricing between these two options directly links to the required degree of the switchboard needed to meet your system demands. As such, assessing your current and future electrical system capacity requirements is essential before deciding on the switchboard upgrade that best suits your needs.

For installing a 3-phase power switchboard, it is imperative to note that the cost involved is significantly higher than the standard range quoted herein. The installation expenditure can escalate to as much as $3000 or beyond.

Should the upgrade require additional equipment, such as cabling or wiring, the cost incurred will be slightly above the range. The complexity of the electrical work involved and the system reconfiguration required for these jobs will result in expenses exceeding $2000.

To guarantee the utmost safety and to mitigate any potential risks, we strongly advise that you enlist the services of a qualified electrician who can regularly inspect your switchboard.

Our professional team provides a comprehensive assessment and a quote for any necessary upgrades or rewiring. Do not hesitate to contact us and secure your peace of mind.

Why do I Need to Upgrade the Switchboard?

Enhance Electrical Systems Security

It is crucial to prioritise the upkeep of your electrical switchboard to mitigate the potential hazards of fire and electric shock within the confines of your home. It is essential to ensure that your switchboard is current to protect your property from the adverse effects of faulty switchboards.

Furthermore, upgrading your switchboard is a proactive measure that can significantly enhance the overall safety of your residence.

Adjust to Evolving Energy Requirements

Modern domestic residences rely heavily on electricity to power the latest technological advancements that demand higher energy consumption.

Periodic modernization of electrical systems is a crucial prerequisite for sustaining a consistently high level of functional efficiency.

Fire Suppression

A potential fire hazard can stem from an outdated switchboard. To mitigate the risk of fire, upgrading to a modern switchboard is recommended.

Resolve Flickering Lights

The presence of flickering electrical appliances may suggest an inadequacy in the capacity of your switchboard. As such, to cater to the escalating power needs, it’s recommended that you consider upgrading your switchboard.

This upgrade will ensure your electrical system remains optimal and operates at its maximum potential.

Cut Expenditures

Investing in the upgrade of your electrical panel may necessitate expenses related to repairs or replacements. However, it is an investment that yields considerable benefits, as it mitigates the risk of electrical fires and damage to your appliances.

These potential damages, if left unaddressed, could result in substantial expenses to remedy. Therefore, upgrading your electrical panel is prudent to ensure long-term safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Remove Asbestos-containing Panels

To mitigate the risk of future electrical shortfalls, replacing the current switchboards with asbestos panels is imperative. This proactive measure will ensure that all electrical requirements are adequately met and aligned with industry standards.

Adhere To Electrical Regulations

Establishing a secure and modern foundation for electrical standards is a common practice among property owners and public authorities.

Such measures are essential for meeting the increasing demands of contemporary appliances and technology. In adherence to these standards, every light switch and power switch must have a safety feature, which is necessary to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the switchboard.

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