Only when the power shuts off or there is an obvious issue do most people call an Electrician, however many are not aware of the importance of electrical maintenance. Unchecked faults or out-of-date electrics can not only have safety implications but affect insurance coverage too. Additionally, electrical hardware not running efficiently can use more energy which in turn increases electricity bills unnecessarily, which is often difficult to pinpoint the cause.

With our no-obligation FREE quote, Insight Electrical & Data will inspect specific issues and/or check the state of hardware and wiring to provide you with a guide as to how much work is needed. From installing a single power point to re-wiring a home, we service both small and large residential and commercial properties in any industry.

Our experienced team of electricians is trained to provide advice on energy-efficient strategies such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and products that will run smoothly and meet the needs (the capacity and use) of your home or business.


What should be maintained?

Electrical maintenance is often part of a property, strata, or business contract and in most cases an ongoing requirement by insurance companies to ensure the safety of the tenants and properties.

Residential properties face the same risks, however, are often overlooked for regular servicing. Regular safety inspections are recommended for these common household electrical features to reduce risks of electrocution or fire.

Quotation for electrical maintenance work




Smoke Alarms

Strata and businesses regularly engage in electrical maintenance contracts to save the company considerable money in the long run by catching any faults and issues early. By identifying an issue promptly, appliances, wiring, or switchboards can be repaired or replaced before the problem causes further issues, or possible catastrophic damage leading to income loss or legal issues.

Electrical Maintenance for Businesses

Insight Electrical & Data also conducts safety testing and tagging to ensure power points, appliances, and electrical accessories meet safety requirements to ensure the safety of your employees and staff.

Regardless of the electrical maintenance requirements for your property, checking electrical hardware every 6 months is the recommended interval to protect the well-being of you and your employee’s safety.

Call us on 0431 514 436 for a free no-obligation quote today, and have peace of mind that your home or property is safe and functioning exactly as it should.

Quotation for electrical maintenance work
Commercial electrical maintenance