Electrical Maintenance

As long as most of your lights and power points are working most disregard the need for an electrician, correct? It is only when your power shuts off, or you are sick of always making the trip to the switchboard as that old iron keeps short circuiting.

Yes, those are legitimate reasons to call an Electrician, but you may not be aware that your home or building may not be up-to-date with safety features or may be running with a fault until it’s too late. Hardware and wiring could be running with faults, and perhaps you have lived there your whole life and didn't know any better, or you haven’t had time to get your switches looked over.

With our non-obligation FREE quote, you have no excuse. We will work with you to inspect, repair, replace or install all of your electrical needs whether it is fixing or adding a single power point to re-wiring your home. We service both residential and commercial properties in any industry and no matter how large or small your property may be.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late to identify faults. Not only can faults have safety implications, insurance implications but it can also cost you money. Electrical hardware that is not running efficiently due to errors and issues can use more energy and put a dent in your pocket and most cases, you won’t be able to pinpoint where the change is, or maybe you have accepted the increase in the bill as more usage by your family or employees.

Apart from inspecting, fixing and installing our experienced team of Electricians also provide advice on energy efficient strategies such as LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and products that will run smoothly and meet the needs (the capacity and use) of your home or business.

What should be maintained?

Electrical maintenance is usually part of property, strata or business contract and in most cases a requirement by insurance companies. Regardless if faults are continuously identified or not electrical maintenance is a security measurement for the safety of the tenants and the electrical hardware.

This doesn’t mean electrical maintenance is obsolete for residential properties, and there are components found in every residence which needs to be inspected for safety features and faults, such as:

  • Switchboards
  • Circuits
  • Wiring
  • Smoke Alarms

This is for both residential and commercial properties, safety is the number one priority, and ensuring your electrical hardware is functioning safely and it is important to know that especially older switchboards, smoke alarms and circuits in your property may not have up-to-date safety features which allow them to work without fault and safely reducing any chance of electrocution or fire hazards.

Other maintenance important as well, and for strata and businesses regular electrical maintenance contracts can save your company big dollars in the long run, by catching any faults and issues early. Early identification can save money not only in terms of income loss from any further down-time but also rectifying faults can ensure your electrical hardware is functioning smoothly and not prolonging any stress onto wiring, switchboards and costly appliances that may have needed to be replaced without the early identification of faults.

Electrical Maintenance for businesses

We also conduct safety testing and tagging to ensure your power points, appliances and electrical accessories such as extension cords, power boards and chargers meet safety requirements to ensure the safety of your employees and staff.

Whether electrical maintenance is a requirement for your property or not, checking your electrical hardware every 6 months is well worth preserving your, your family or employee’s safety. And as we offer a Free non-obligation quote what do you stand to lose? You will have peace of mind that your home or property is safe and functioning exactly how it should.

So, don’t let your lighting and electricity sources pose a threat to your safety and the safety of your family or employees. Call Insight Electrical today to ensure your electrical lighting, power sources are efficient and safe removing any fault before it becomes a safety issue or an operation inconvenience for you or your business.

To make an appointment call us now on 0431 514 436 and let our experienced team inspect and rectify your electrical issues in the Newcastle area today!