How Much Does It Cost to Install a PowerPoint

How Much Does It Cost to Install a PowerPoint

Electric power outlets are an integral component of a building’s electrical infrastructure. They offer a practical and accessible source of power for various devices.

Whether you’re outfitting your home or office, knowing the elements affecting the installation cost is essential.

This article delves into the many different types of power outlets accessible, the determinants that can impact the expense of installation, and the average price range you should anticipate.

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Different Types Of Power Points To Choose From

Numerous options of power outlets are readily accessible in the market, and each one exhibits its unique attributes and perks. Below are some of the most prevalent variations of power outlets.

USB Power Points

These power outlets have integrated USB ports, enabling effortless charging of your electronic devices without requiring an independent charger.

Quad Power Points

With a quartet of sockets at your disposal, these power points cater to all your electronic needs with ample outlets to accommodate a multitude of devices.

Standard Power Points

Typically ubiquitous, this category of PowerPoint commonly features a solitary socket to energise all devices that necessitate a standard power outlet effectively.

Smart Power Points

The Power Points in question exhibit a range of sophisticated characteristics, including the inclusion of integrated Wi-Fi and remote control functionality.
Thanks to these advanced features, users can remotely power their electronic devices on and off from anywhere globally.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Installing A Power Point?

The expenses required for the installation of a power point can be by a multitude of elements, which encompass:

Types of PowerPoint

The installation expenses vary depending on the selected power point type. Notably, the cost of installing intelligent power points surpasses that of standard ones.

Accessibility of the socket

In instances where the location of the power point is challenging to reach, such as being situated behind a wall or in an area that is not easily accessible, the expenses associated with installation are likely to increase.

Manufacturing quality

Investing in premium-grade power points may entail higher upfront costs, but the potential benefits of enhanced longevity and dependability can be substantial.


The placement of the electrical outlet can influence the expenditure incurred during installation. Specifically, the structure of an outlet on an exterior wall may necessitate additional measures to safeguard the wiring against exposure to outdoor elements.

Materials used

The overall expenses incurred during installation may also be contingent on the specific materials utilised, including the necessity for fresh wiring or the utilisation of specialised equipment.

Cost to Install a PowerPoint by Type

USB Power points

The prevalence of USB power outlets is on the rise, as these outlets offer the convenience of direct charging for mobile devices. The expense of installing a USB power outlet varies between $100 and $200 per outlet, encompassing the cost of the installation process.

Quad Power Points

Quad power points present a highly optimised solution for those seeking to power multiple electronic devices simultaneously. These power points come at a price range of $80 to $150 per unit, including installation.

Standard Power Points

The standard variety represents the fundamental category of power points in the market. These rudimentary electrical outlets are attainable at a moderate cost ranging from $50 to $100 per unit, which encompasses the cost of installation.

Stylish & Modern Power Points

Incorporating chic and contemporary power outlets may be a viable solution for homeowners seeking power points that complement their interior design scheme. These innovative power points, available in various hues and patterns, cost between $80 to $200 per unit, including the cost of professional installation.

High-end Power Points

Premium electrical outlets are crafted from top-notch materials and meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time. The entire installation process covers the pricing of these state-of-the-art power points, which range between $200 and $500 per unit.

Smart power points

Bright power points present many advantages compared to their conventional counterparts, including the capacity to regulate power usage and track energy consumption. This advanced functionality does entail a marginally elevated cost, with the mean expense of implementing an intelligent PowerPoint varying from $200 to $400.

Average Cost to Install a Power Point

The pricing for the installation of a power point is a variable expense that is contingent upon several factors. These factors include the location of the power point, the type of power point, as well as the complexity of the installation.

For a basic power point installation, the average cost ranges between $150 and $300. However, opting for an intelligent power point will incur a slightly higher price. Bright power points provide many benefits not offered by traditional power points, including the ability to monitor energy consumption and control power usage.

The elevated functionality comes with an associated cost; on average, installing an intelligent power point ranges from $200 to $400.

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