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Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

We here at Insight Electrical are committed to spreading the word when it comes to the benefits of switchboard upgrades on any sort of property – whether they be either residential or commercial. To ensure the safety and longevity of all who live and work within said property – it is never a bad idea to consider the benefits of upgrading said property’s switchboards.

Of course, such benefits associated with the upgrading of your property’s switchboard go further past the safety, reliability, and longevity of such integral property power systems. With the addition of an updated (and hopefully brand spanking new) switchboard – you have unlocked the doors to enhanced electrical safety into and throughout your property – regardless of type. With the advent of this improved reliability, you would also, no doubt, begin to see signs of potential savings in areas such as cost and energy. This will further boost the longevity of every electrical system currently available within and around your various properties.

However, we here at Insight Electrical would also like to warn you to consider the imminent dangers posed if you choose to wander down the dark path offered to you by DIY switchboard selection, upgrading, installation, and ongoing repair. Ultimately – this sort of DIY path will end up costing you more money than the wiser, alternate path of consulting with the electrical experts such as the ones provided right here by Insight Electrical. Furthermore – such DIY routes will also raise the health hazards associated with electricity too. So just don’t do it! Simply seek out the advice and expertise provided by the qualified electricians provided to you by Insight Electrical. Thank you for your continued cooperation in this important safety matter.

When is a switchboard upgrade required?

Switchboard upgrades are often required in a variety of situations on your various properties in order to ensure both the safety and efficiency of all your various electrical systems located on site. These sorts of scenarios include – but are certainly not limited to – the involvement of any sort of outdated components within said switchboard itself or your overall property’s power system. Indeed, such faulty or old fuses, circuit breakers, and other hardware will indicate to you the need of an immediate, urgent switchboard upgrade for your specific property. Such outdated electrical devices, components, hardware – and even software – will no longer be able to provide the optimal levels of protection required by law to determine safe electrical levels within any sort of property – regardless of type. Your old switchboard may, in fact, not be able to handle such electrical demands required by the latest advancements inherent in the most bleeding edge technologies now available on the market today. It is time to adapt, upgrade, or die. Literally!

Reasons why you should upgrade your switchboard

Reasons to upgrade the switchboards located on your various properties – regardless of residential or commercial types – are too numerous to name in any sort of depth. However, we are able to name a few right here and now. Among these reasons is your switchboard currently receiving insufficient power capacity – which can, of course, occur over time. For example, if you or those who either reside or work within your property – whether residential or commercial – are beginning to frequently notice the presence and continued recurrence of tripped breakers or other such power outages or power cuts – specifically once you begin using multiple electronic devices and/or appliances all at once – this scenario could perhaps be the beginnings of an indication that your property’s (whether commercial or residential) switchboard is in need of an urgent, emergency upgrade – or at least a repair. If so, please do not hesitate to contact Insight Electrical today!

Benefits of upgrading your switchboard

Indeed, there are many benefits to upgrading your property’s (whether residential or commercial) – switchboard – many of which we have no doubt mentioned above. However – a few more are indeed also mentioned below. Please keep in mind that such examples are certainly not the extent of such benefits associated with upgrading your property’s switchboard – regardless of residential or commercial property type.

Eliminate the risk of fires

This goes without saying – but an upgraded, brand, spanking new switchboard is far less likely to become a fire hazard than your old switchboard ever was.

Save money on callouts

Indeed, should you choose to invest in such an upgraded switchboard – you will no doubt be saving money by not having to contact such electrical services as those provided by Insight Electrical every time something has the potential to go wrong with your non-upgraded, old, possibly degrading switchboard located either within and/or around your various properties – regardless of either residential or commercial property type.

Reduce frustrations

This, of course, goes without saying – but you will no doubt be reducing frustrations for those who either live or work within your properties as power outages will, no doubt, occur less frequently once you have upgraded such pesky switchboards located either within or around your commercial or residential properties.

Protects your family

As stated just above – with an upgrade to your commercial or residential property’s switchboard – safety will only increase – as you will no longer be dealing with power outages and other such safety hazards within and around your various properties – whether commercial or residential.

Protecting your property and assets

This is exactly the same principal as the one mentioned above. With an upgraded switchboard and electrical system – your property’s assets – particularly those of a more electrical bent – will be far less likely to be damaged. Additionally, the risk of fire will also be lessened simultaneously.

Reduce maintenance costs

Again, this goes part and parcel with the last few. You will reduce your repair costs if you simply invest in the upgrading and installation of a new switchboard for your property.

Extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment

This can only help to do so. Your electrical equipment and devices will only thank you for such generosity going forward into both the near and far future.

How much does it cost to upgrade a switchboard?

This, of course, will depend upon a variety of factors. These factors include – but are certainly not limited to – location of property, location of switchboard, accessibility of location of property, accessibility of location of switchboard – size of said property and switchboard – the manpower and labor required for the upgrade of such a switchboard – the list does indeed go on.
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