Electrical issues can arise at the most inconvenient times, so having an on-call Emergency Electrician in Newcastle is essential.

Our team at Insight Electrical has 14 years of experience with all electrical maintenance, repair and installation. Please don’t wait in the dark; we’re one call away and always promise to provide honest and reliable services.

Whether you’re commercial or residential, we’ve had a range of experience in all industries. We understand faulty electrical can be inconvenient and often detrimental in retail. Therefore, we’re available around the clock to have your electrical systems back up and running quickly.

Our friendly team will answer all your questions and assure you we’ve found a lasting solution. We’ll do the job right the first time and won’t leave until you’re satisfied with our work.

Why Choose Insight Electrical as your Emergency Electrician in Newcastle?

No matter your electrical concern, our 24-hour electrician Newcastle will have you back working efficiently in no time. Our services are based on the specialist skills of our qualified tradespeople. Our team has been built based on their unique abilities and knowledge of the electrical field. When you call Insight Electrical, we’ll offer a fair and affordable 24-hour electrician in Newcastle. Insight Electrical and Data is the best choice for electrical emergencies because our electricians are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Based in Newcastle, we serve commercial and domestic customers across the city.

Looking for After Hours Emergency Electrical Services Newcastle?

Our 24 hour electrician Newcastle have a range of experience in both residential and commercial electrical standard work.

We can inspect, repair and replace any wiring that may be deemed faulty or energy inefficient. No matter what industry you are in, we’ll make sure to have you back to business as usual in no time. Our team understand the requirements needed for both commercial businesses and real estate and always perform to the highest standard.

We’re certified to provide electrical certifications and reports required by councils and other government sectors. No job is too big or small, we’re on call to help you with minor fixes or broad rewiring work.

Emergency Electrical Services

Insight Electrical is your local electrical emergency specialist focused on ensuring electrical safety and responding to any Newcastle electrical needs in an emergency, big or small. Electrical work is just a little small and complex for our team of well-trained 24-hour electricians.

Some of the emergencies we respond to include:

  • Commercial emergencies
  • Smoking electrical outlets
  • Exposed live wires
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking electrical panel
  • Power loss to safety systems, exit systems, heating systems, medical equipment

How does an ASP Level 2 Electrician work?

To ensure the safe and efficient functioning of electrical systems, it is essential to have qualified professionals who are trained to work on specific areas of the network.

For instance, a level 2 electrician accredited by a service provider can install, repair, and maintain service lines connecting a property to the supply network. This level of expertise requires extensive training and a deep understanding of the intricate workings of electrical systems. On the other hand, a level 1 electrician is trained to work on overhead and underground cables strictly within the supply network. Their scope of work is limited to this area and does not extend to service lines that run between properties and the network.

To conduct any work on lines connecting a property to the power grid, an ASP level 2 electrician is required by law. This work is complex and dangerous, so extra precautions must be taken. You’ll need to call a level 2 electrician in the following instances.

Newcastle Emergency Electrical is licensed in all areas of Level 2 ASP work.

  • Overhead and Underground installations and connections
  • Rectification of defects
  • Point of attachment repairs and upgrades
  • Installation of private poles
  • Disconnect Reconnect
  • Permanent Disconnections
  • Builders temporary services
  • Main switchboard upgrades
  • Consumer main upgrades
  • Rewiring Work

Are you Looking for a Fully Licensed and Insured Emergency Electrician Newcastle?

For a reliable and trusted electrician, consider Insight Electrical a one-stop provider for all of your electrical needs. With us, you’ll have second to none service with top quality results every time.

Don’t stay in the dark and call our 24 hour electrician Newcastle at Insight Electrical. As Newcastle’s leading electricians for over 14 years, we guarantee we’ll find a lasting solution for you. For a no obligation free quote, call us today on 0431 514 436!

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