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Re-light your space with a home renovation electrician in Newcastle.

Are you looking to upgrade your living space to meet your needs and aesthetics?

At Insight Electrical and Data, we specialise in home electrical renovations, focusing on optimising your electrical systems for enhanced comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

With 40+ years of experience, we specialise in all aspects of electrical work for home renovations. We ensure your project is completed to the highest standards, from installing smart home technology to updating your lighting design. Our team of home renovation electricians in Newcastle handles every detail with precision and dedication

Bring renovations to life with our home remodelling electrician services

If you are building a new house or renovating an existing one, we can handle all your electrical needs with our expertise and knowledge. Over the years, our team has acquired these unique skills and in-depth knowledge in the niche. Our Newcastle home improvement electric services include:

✔ Installation and repair of switchboards

✔ Safety switch and surge protection installation

✔ Upgrade of mains power capacity

✔ Smoke alarm fittings

✔ Lighting designs and installation

✔ Cable connectivity and intelligent system integration

✔  Power points and LED lights

✔  Safety inspections and maintenance

✔  Heating panels installation

✔  Rewiring the whole area
✔  Security and safety system installations

✔  Home theatre, TV and audio system setup

In addition, we offer electrical audits and emergency electrical services to our customers. Reconstructing the electrical system of a house is a complicated process. Trust our expert electricians for home renovations In Newcastle and sit back in peace.

Signs to check if your home needs an electrical renovation

Choosing electrical upgrades for your home is your decision. However, various signs indicate that your Newcastle home needs an electrical upgrade or rewiring. Some common signs to notice are:

Frequent tripping of breaker circuits

The circuit breakers should not trip regularly and frequently in your home. However, if it is happening, you should consult an electrician immediately.

Flickering or dim lights

While using an appliance, if you notice that the lights in the house are flickering or dimming. This is a sign that the electrical system needs replacement or an upgrade.

Discoloured outlet sockets

If you notice stained or discoloured outlet sockets, this is a sign of electricity surges. Check out with a certified electrician to avoid faults and malfunctioning of appliances.

Why choose Insight Electrical and Data for a home renovation electrician?

+40 years of experience

Our electricians have decades of experience in managing the electrical systems of various buildings and businesses. This allows them to handle electrical work with high standards, whether just a safety switch installation or complete electrical renovation.

Licensed electricians for safety

Experts and professionals should handle electricity to avoid any accidents and damage. Our professional house renovation electricians in Newcastle are licensed and certified to follow the safety measures and regulations for a safe work environment.

Friendly, efficient, and reliable team

Our staff is trained in customer satisfaction, which is our top priority. We understand that electrical work causes inconveniences. Our friendly staff always tries to minimise these disruptions with respect, quality and punctuality during their home visit.

Budget-friendly Solutions

Our goal is to get you the most for your money. We advise you to choose energy-efficient appliances and devices and lower your electrical usage. This results in savings on your electrical bills.

Renovating Homes, Building Dreams: Your Reliable Electrician in Newcastle

Are you planning a residential electrical remodelling or need to add a few power points in Newcastle? Our team of experts will do it for you neatly, at affordable rates, and of high quality.

We perform electrical renovations at your home with high safety standards, reducing the chance of electrical accidents and lowering your power bills.

Discuss your home electrical renovation requirements with us, and we will provide you with a functional, intelligent and cost-effective plan.

Electrical wiring commercial

Electrical wiring commercial

Need a Reliable Home Renovation Electrician Newcastle

Don’t allow a faulty or poorly set up electrical system to slow down your business. Contact Insight Electrical, the professional electrical contractor in Newcastle for rapid electrical solutions with minimum disruptions to your business.

Our experienced and licensed professionals handle your electrical problems, big or small. We ensure quality workmanship, professionalism, safety, and the highest standards in every job.

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