Ceiling fans cool your house in the summer by using less electricity and reducing energy bills. Whether shifting your home or renovating your old house, you require cooling appliances. Air conditioners do not add to the home decor like ceiling fans can. So when adding a cooling device to your residence, add stylish ceiling fans.

Looking to stay comfortable this summer? Let Insight Electrical take care of your ceiling fan needs. Allow us at Insight Electrical and Data to take care of your ceiling fan needs. Whether its installation, connection, repair or setting up with a remote, we will ensure your comfort with a swift and effective solution.



We help you choose and install the perfect ceiling fan for your home. Our experts will help you determine the type of fan, brand, and place of installation matter where you want to install your ceiling fan, our licensed electricians can help. We can handle any indoor or outdoor ceiling fan installation quickly and professionally.

We ensure the proper installation of your ceiling fan by following these steps:

  • Removing the old fixture (screws, wires, and ceiling box) if necessary
  • Attach the upgraded fan fixture.
  • Ceiling fans come in various styles and designs
  • Placing the ceiling plate
  • Ceiling box attachment
  • Putting together fan parts. Blades, screws, etc.
  • Installing the ceiling fan



Standard Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans in residential settings are typical of the standard variety. An extensive selection of styles makes them a must-go for your home decor. Standard fans typically hang from a download — a metal rod linking the fan’s mounting brackets to its motor casing — which facilitates installation on both flat and sloped ceilings. It is essential to ensure that the down rod length is appropriate for your ceiling height.

Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans designed for lower ceiling heights, often referred to as hugger fans or flush mount fans, provide the necessary air circulation for rooms with ceiling heights of eight feet or less. Rather than using a download,the fan is fitted directly to its mounting bracket, providing necessary clearance from the ground while maintaining optimal function. Despite their low profile, these fans come in various styles and finishes, just like any other type.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Maximize your home’s comfort and style with a dual-motor ceiling fan. Featuring a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods, each supporting a motorized fan head, this fan provides an industrial look with twice the air-circulating capability. Consider an option with light kits to add a bright touch to the space.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Modern households can benefit from integrating smart devices into home automation systems; ceiling fans are no exception. With smart features included, these smart fans provide convenient remote control capabilities and are available with or without accompanying light kits.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Your outdoor spaces, such as your patio, deck, or lanai, can provide valuable additional living areas. However, they are exposed to the elements and require special consideration. Outdoor ceiling fans offer a practical solution, help withstand moisture, and provide some protection from the elements.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Large commercial ceiling fans are the most suitable option for industrial areas due to their high air delivery capacity and durability. These fans help to provide optimum efficiency and withstand continuous use demands. Commercial ceiling fans are the ideal solution for gyms and other large industrial spaces.

Why Choose Insight Electrical for Ceiling Fan Installation?

At Insight Electrical, you can choose the ceiling fan that’s right for you. You can count on us for all your ceiling fan maintenance and repair needs in Newcastle and nearby areas.

Fair Price

Transparent pricing allows us to meet your needs and demands. We communicate the plans and status of every project we work on and the cost.

Quality Workmanship

The quality of the services you receive is of the highest standard. Licensed, trained, and adhering to strict professional standards are the hallmarks of the electricians at our company.


With prompt and efficient service, we can resolve issues promptly.

Experience & Trust

As experienced electricians serving Newcastle, we are proud to provide our clients with trusted electrical services, notably smoke alarm installation.

Customer Reviews

Amy Jarvis
Amy Jarvis
I cannot recommend Josh and his Team enough! Professional, on time and their level of work cannot be faulted. Not to mention his entire team are just a pleasure to deal with. We've had them do quite a lot of work modernising our house and everything has been completed 100%
Robert Logan
Robert Logan
Excellent service, innovative, reliable, fair, honest and knowledgeable. Once again, the Insight team delivered on time and on budget. Thank you.
Ryan Rosier
Ryan Rosier
Josh and his team completed all the electrical work for our recent renovation, which included; complete rewiring of home, lighting plan, lighting selections and installation. Work was completed efficiently, on budget, and to an exceptionally high standard. Highly recommend!
Kaye Hogan
Kaye Hogan
Josh was wonderful, he called around on the weekend as I had an emergency. He made a temporary repair and returned promptly on the Monday to replace the sensor light. I recommend him highly.
Chris Edmonds
Chris Edmonds
These guys were easy to deal with and were very punctual. They laid some data cabling through the walls and ceiling of my house into areas which get poor wifi. Very happy with the work carried out. Highly recommend.
Myke Emmett
Myke Emmett
Josh and the team at Insight are professional, highly capable and always deliver the highest quality work. We have been partnering with Insight Electrical for a few years now and are proud to have them work on all of EMT Constructions' projects.
Mitchell Burns - Dewar Design
Mitchell Burns - Dewar Design
Josh and his team were very reliable, friendly, great with communication, on time and always left the place clean and tidy. Josh and his team have a wealth of knowledge in the trade and were able to steer us in the right direction during our renovation/extension. We would highly recommend using Insight Electrical to anyone who requires their services.
Ryan Bradbery
Ryan Bradbery
Josh and his crew were awesome. It was a tricky job but they made it easy! House was spotless when I came home as well. Couldn’t rate any higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a pre-purchased ceiling fan Installed?
There are various factors involved with the installation of the ceiling fan. Call us to know more.

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