Air Conditioning

Are you sick and tired of sitting in front of a fan in summer, lying on tiles or standing next to the fridge to try and keep cool every harsh Newcastle summer? This doesn’t need to be so. Air conditioners aren’t only for the wealthy or for the large homes and businesses. There is an option for every home, property or business that will suit your needs, won’t break the bank and perhaps will even save you money on your power bill compared to what you are using now. Let us help you choose the perfect air conditioning system for you.

At Insight Electrical we don’t charge a call out fee, our friendly and experienced electricians will come to your home or business and listen to your issues and provide expert advice on the paths we can take to fix them, and we're based right in Newcastle so we're never more than a few minutes away.

Are you unsure if you would like an air conditioner or have no idea where to start? We can help with that too. When we come out and visit you at your property, we will listen to how you want to use your air conditioner and which functions if you have preferences and help choose the best appliance for your needs.

Types of Air Conditioners

Four main types, some more suited to larger properties and other to smaller depending on how large space or area you want to cool or heat.

  • Wall or window mounted air conditioner. Exactly as it is titled is installed in a window or mounted to an external wall. They have become less common due to the rise of split system air conditioner. However, they may still be present in larger commercial properties.
  • Split system air conditioners. Are made up of two parts, one installed outside and the other or others installed inside. The compressor unit is installed outside, while air outlet/s are installed inside. Split system air conditioners are by far the most popular choice recently in smaller homes and open plan cafes and offices.
  • Cassette air conditioners. Are common in commercial properties, they are installed on the roof, and like a split system air conditioner, they have a component mounted outside.
  • Ducted air conditioners. Have a similar set-up to a split system air conditioners except for the indoor component (air outlet) of the ducted system is placed inside the ceiling space. The air then travels into each room or area through large insulated duct pipes. Ducted air conditioners also offer reverse cycle cooling and heating.


Depending on your needs and wants, some air conditioners include sensors, remote control, fan speeds, hot/cold, sleep, adjustable oscillating, restart delay, zone cooling and more.


Air Conditioning


air conditioning newcastleWhat you need to consider before choosing an Air conditioner?

What area do you want/need to be cooled?

Depending on the size of room of the property or perhaps a single room will determine which air conditioner you need and want. Some air conditioners will be more suited to closed plan rooms and if you want to control temperatures room by room (ducted) or if you only want to cool one large space (split or wall mounted).

Heating and Cooling?

If you are going to spend money on an air conditioner and you need a heater as well, it seems obvious that you should get an air conditioner that heats as well. Not all air conditioners can heat and cool. The ones that do include “reverse cycle” translates to an air conditioner that can heat and cool as it includes a heat pump. Reverse Cycle air conditioners are far more energy efficient than single heaters, meaning if chosen right, your air conditioner can heat and cool while lowering your power bill.

Energy Consumption

Choose by stars, air conditioners don’t have to be expensive, and it’s an old assumption from times before energy efficiency ratings were required to be advertised by law. And before the technology existed which allowed cooling and heating air to be efficient and energy conserving at the same time.

We will help plan with you on where the best place to install for the most efficient and effective dispersion of cold or warm air to the rooms and areas you want to be heated and cooled.

First and foremost. It is important that your chosen electricians (we do!) need holds a refrigeration licence to install, service and maintain air conditioners. For safety and insurance purposes when installing larger commercial grade air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

At Insight Electrical we have 14 years installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioners for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have noticed an issue with your air conditioner, want to conduct routine maintenance or want to install a new system we are the company for you.
All our electricians are certified and experienced in installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioners of any size or shape.

We also offer long-term air conditioning maintenance for strata, businesses and properties throughout the Newcastle and Adamstown area.

Call us now for all your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation today on 0431 514 436, and one of our electricians will get back to you as soon as possible.