Air conditioning doesn’t have to break the bank. With loads of options for every home, property, or business our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you choose the perfect air conditioning system for you. Sweating through hot summers inside can be a thing of the past!

Insight Electrical holds a refrigeration licence to install, service, and maintain air conditioners, which is important for safety and insurance purposes, particularly when installing larger commercial-grade units.


What area do you need to cover: the size of the space determines which unit would suit you best. Some air conditioners are better for closed plan rooms or open spaces, whereas others offer more control when doing multiple rooms (ducted).

Heating, cooling, or both: reverse cycle air conditioners are a good option for those looking to heat and cool. These units are far more energy-efficient than single heaters, which means if you choose right, your air conditioner can heat and cool plus lower your power bill.

Energy consumption: look to the (energy efficient) stars! Choosing an energy-efficient unit is not only better for your energy bills but better for the earth. Our team will help plan the best place to install for the most efficient and effective dispersion of air.

Types of Air Conditioners

Four main types, some more suited to larger properties and others to smaller depending on how large space or area you want to cool or heat. Depending on your needs and wants, some air conditioners include sensors, remote control, fan speeds, hot/cold, sleep settings, adjustable oscillation, restart delay, zone cooling, and more.

Wall or Window-Mounted

As titled, these units are installed in a window or mounted to an external wall. Although less common, they are still regularly used in larger commercial properties.

Split System

These units are made up of two parts, the compressor unit is installed outside, and air outlet/s installed inside. Split systems are by far the most popular choice.


Are common in commercial properties, they are installed on the roof, and like a split system air conditioner, they have a component mounted outside.


The air outlet (indoor component) is placed inside the ceiling space and the compressor outside. Air then travels into each space through insulated duct pipes, cooling and heating.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

At Insight Electrical we have 14 years installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners for both residential and commercial properties. Our electricians are certified and experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners of any size or shape. We offer long-term air conditioning maintenance for strata, businesses, and properties throughout the Newcastle area.

Call us now for all your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation today on 0431 514 436, and one of our electricians will get back to you as soon as possible.